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Escrow agent, on behalf of an owner, is renting a unit and needs to make sure “good” funds are being held.   Likewise, the renter wants to make sure that the seller does not run off with the money without providing the rental they contracted for. Escrows can also be held when the resort has active sales and needs someone to handle the funds while the resort handles the documents.

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Owners of timeshare rental property as well as the renters themselves need protection for the hard earned dollars they invest.  We would all like to think that the people we deal with are honorable—and most of them are.  In the case of making the financial arrangements for a timeshare property, three heads are much better than two.  Like many major retailers and service companies, the timeshare market has been hit with its share of scam artists painting rosy pictures of profits you can make that are too good to be true.  Your escrow agent can spot those scams a mile away.  It makes perfect sense that escrow accounts are held by a reputable, disinterested party who can watch out for scams, deadbeat renters, or property owners who renege on contracted property improvements.  Watch the video to see how it works.

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